The standard string class in STL lacks some function that I use a lot. So I wrote this class to encapsulate some of those functions.

StringUtils is a STL Template class that give you some static function that you can use on an STL string.

Three types of this class exists StringUtilsA, StringUtilsW and StringUtils.
StringUtilsA uses std::string, StringUtilsW uses std::wstring and StringUtils uses std::string or std::wstring depending on if _UNICODE is defined or not.

Everything is included in a single .h file.




ZTimeConv is a class for converting from/to different time format that can be found in C/C++ on Windows.
  The problem with this formats is that they have different resolution and ranges so it is not always possible to convert. But as long as you work with times that are not to long in the future or the past this should not be a problem.




There are many situation where you only need to be able to show data, and no need for it to be editable. like when viewing logs , traces , or just to show a lot of static text to the user. If the data you want to show is large using CStatic/CEdit controller is not the best choice.

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