Net Speed

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Net Speed will benchmark how fast a TCP network connection is. You can measure the network speed between two computers using different different TCP send and receive buffers.


This is a tool I created to test the network speed between two computers. Also to check what impact of the speed I get if I tweaked the size of the TCP buffers and buffer chunk (buffer chunk is the size of the data sent to the tcp function send() in one call). And how the network speed is affect if I read data from the disk or save incoming data to disk.


1. Start NetSpeed on both of the computer that you want to measure the speed between.

2. Configure the servers IP and Port and change the TCP receive/send buffer, buffer chunk size.

3. Press start to make NetSpeed listen for an incoming connection.

4. On the Client machine Start NetSpeed.

5. Enter the IP and Port for the machine running NetSpeed as a server, and configure the TCP receive/send buffer, buffer chunk size.

6. Press start.

The Client will now start to send data to the server and you will see the speed in MB/s and in MBit/s
You may also select to send a file as the data that should be sent, instead of sending random data. You can also save incoming data to a file. You might want to test this to check how it affect your speed. 


Sending a file or saving incoming data to a file can impact the speed negatively.

Increasing the TCP buffer size can increase the speed. But if your response time from the client to the server is long, increasing the buffer size can instead lower the speed. The response time can be bad if you running the test over the Internet or if your local network or network switches are busy with traffic from other computers

Jumbo Frames

If you testing over a Gigabit LAN you can see a speed increase if you enable Jumbo Frames on you network device, But you must make sure that all your network switches and router also support it before enabling it.

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Copyright (c) 2015 - Mathias Svensson