Repair of Monitor LG L246WH


When I repair my other monitors ( LG L2000C ) I also had another monitor that been broken for over a year, And that was a LG L246WH
And it behaved the same way.. The monitor took longer and longer before it showed a pictures when starting up. Just like something need to be warmed up before it starts to works correct. So my guess was that it should be some capacitors that gone bad.

So when I decided to try to repair the other monitors I also opened up this to take a look. Because it is a really good monitor with a IPS panel and a resolution of 1920x1200. So if I could get this working, it would be great.


Opening it up was really easy, and this is what I found


As you can see the capacitors are a bit bulky. and they should not be.


A better close up on them shows what a bad capacitor looks like.

They should not be looking like they are about to explode. (And they will not.)


So I order two new 3300uF10V capacitors, replace them, put everything back together and...

It's alive.


Another monitors back from the dead.