Repair of LG L2000C Monitor


I have two LG L2000C 20" with the resolution of 1600x1200 and they have a IPS panels with good viewing angle, and that is really good for a monitor that are at the edges in a multi-monitor setup.

The nice thing about this screens is that they are 1200 pixel in height. Almost all newer cheaper monitors are only 1080 in height and the extra 120 pixel in height is really nice and I really prefer it.

Then around August 2012 they starting to behave badly. The power light was blinking and the screen took longer and longer to start up.

I got some knowledge in electronics and repairs so I decided to try open them up to try to see if I could fix them.


Opening the monitor was very easy. You just need to be careful when bending up the main cover.


After that it is just a couple of screws to remove the inner cover. 


The power supply board is the one to the left.


And my suspicion about bad capacitors was right. As you might see in the picture below the capacitors are a little bulky. It might be a bit hard to see it in the image below. But the top part of the capacitors should be flat. A capacitor that bulk out is not good.

So I now just had to order some new once.


There are 2 1000uF16V ,1 1000uF25V and 2 680uF25V that need to be replaced and since I got two monitor I need to order for two. Since both monitors behave the same I assume that it is the same issue with them. The new components cost me around 25 SEK per screen ( That is around $3,80 USD ). So not very much, Actually the shipping and handling was more expansive then the components. 

To be able to replace the capacitors I need to removed the entire power supply board and removed all of the bad capacitors.


I then soldered the new capacitors to the board and it now look a lot better.


Make sure you insert the new capacitors in the correct direction. You will see a marking on one side of them. Make sure the new capacitors are inserted in the same position. Or it will not work.

After putting everything back together the big moment was there. Would the monitor start ? 
I connected the power and press the power button. And I got the monitors boot screen. No more blinking of the power led.It is working.


After I fixed this monitor, I then fixed the my other L2000C monitor and it also works now.


So now both of them are working. And it only cost me around 120 SEK to fix both of them (That price include both the components and the shipping cost ). 120 SEK is around 18 USD (2012-09-28).