Multi Commander

File manager replacement for Windows Explorer, A Dual-Panel Commander styled Filemanager. With tab support. and lots of features.

Development Tools, Utilities and Helpers

Time Converter v1.1

Dev tool that will convert time between different programing time formats

ZipFileLayout v1.1

Outputs the layout and header information of a zip archive

MFC Controllers

MultiDataViewCtrl v1.4

MultiDataViewCtrl is an MFC controller to show data of any kind and any size. Multiple view modes and lots of special features

MZCrumbBar Ctrl v1.5

A CrumbBar ctrl that will show any string with a delimiter as a crumbbar

C++ Helpers classes

LibXML2Helper v1.9

A C++ helper class for LIBXML2 that will help with the creating and reading XML files using the DOM way

ZTimeConv v1.1

C++ helper class for converting to/from different time formats


C++ helper class for converting to/from UTF8 using Windows Win32 API


C++ header only files with helper functions for std::string and std::wstring