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Keep Mounted Fileshares When Starting Program as Administrator (Windows Vista / Windows 7)

If you are running as a normal user and then start a program as administrator, You will notice that the mounted file shares you got as a normal user no longer exists.


Microsoft SQL Server - Exporting And Importing data using bcp.exe


This is a quick guide on using the bcp.exe program to export and import data.

A while ago i needed to downgrade a customers 100GB database located in a MSSQL2008R2 server to MSSQL2005. And since downgrading is not supported i needed to do a export and import.

bcp is a command line tool that are installed together with Microsoft SQL Server that allowes you to export and import data.

The first time i did the export and import I run a problem when doing the import. I did not recognize the table definition of the bcp file. But this is solved by creating a format file and use that format file when doing the export and import.


Symbol Storage With Subversion Indexed Symbols

When debugging crash dump files you need the .pdb for the .exe and .dll files that belong to the application you want to debug.

The pdb files are unique to every build you do, so you must keep all the *.pdb files for all the releases of your program. One way to keep track of that is to add the *.pdb files to a symbol server.


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