About Mathias Svensson

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Im living in a city named Landskrona and have done that most part of his life. Landskrona is a small crappy and boring city of around 40.000 peoples in the south of Sweden.


I been into software developing ever since I started with C programming on an Amiga 500 very very long ago (I really started with BASIC on Commodore 64. But I never really did anything with that so it does not count).

I consider myself as a self taught programmer. In the early 90s I started to learn how to program C on the Amiga from an article series in an computer magazine that I was subscribing too. That was not an easy task since nobody of my friends at the time did not know anything about programming since internet was not so common back then and Google did not even exists so I could not search for help on the internet (People this days have it too easy with internet and Google). It was hard but a very good experience for the future. I really got interested in programming and from that time I have learned more and more.

I been working with it professionally for over 10 years now, But if I include all time I spent on my own projects over the years it's more like 15 years of experience of C/C++.

Once you learn C and C++ its easy to get into other languages since most of them are build from how C or C++ works. So today I do work in a lot more languages. My favorite languages are still C/C++ since I know it inside and out. But I really enjoy C#. Another languages I spent a lot of time with are VB(.NET) , PHP , Perl , C++ Builder , Delphi to just name a few.

I'm currently working as an senior consultant for Consulence doing Windows development using COM/C++ for the most part.

I still do a lot of own development on my spare time and then mostly on my biggest never ending project
Multi Commander that is a file manager that are a replacement for Windows Explorer.

( Try Multi Commander, A file manager for professionals )

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